long time no see! (sarcasm)

i have had a pretty eventful few days. i did that job interview and i think it went okay, they were very interested in my graphic design stuff which is unfortunate because i straight up have no pictures on my new phone. i can't show you my portfolio but i can show you a lot of pictures of gabe saporta. if you want. they said they'd call in the next few days, which i really hope they do. i would like this job

and then another concert! different vibe than most shows i go to since it was not a band i listen to, but on finding out my friend had never been to a concert i told them to find a band that's playing soon and we could go see them. i did have fun in the Big City though its always nice to go to glasgow! the venue was literally just a basement of a pub and it was small enough that they were using surnames and a guestlist and the qr codes on the tickets, which was a new one for me. also had my first non strawberry daquiri and a non zero amount of tequila which. i think tequila makes me weird because i had a Moment on the bus home. self discovery et cetera.

i'm grateful for these last few days of Not Doing Much because it's given me time to do some things i've wanted to for a minute. namely downloading the rest of the brobecks albums, which i finished sorting through and tagging all the metadata earlier today. big shoutout to sledbed and the brobecks wiki btw! incredible archival work they're doing

i'm engaging in my own archival work except i'm not nearly as good at it because i'm afraid of messaging people lol. i was able to collect more images for the cobra merch archive, and i found a (high definition!!!!) picture of a design we had been trying our best to uncover. wins all around today!

i have another band practice on thursday which i'm very excited about because !!! finally its with our guitarist !!!! no drummer though but you can't win em all. another concert on saturday as well! we're going to see victoria canal who was phenomenal when she opened for hozier

that's about it, i just wanted an excuse to talk into the void for a little. it's been real spidersdotcom forward slash blog

-red xo