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  • upcoming: FALL OUT BOY !!!!
  • wheatus [28.09.2023 - pj molloys, dunfermline]
  • oxbow [01.09.2023 - broadcast, glasgow]
  • amyl and the sniffers [22.08.2023 - fat sam's, dundee]
  • hozier [25.06.2023 - queens park, glasgow]
  • le tigre [06.06.2023 - barrowlands, glasgow]
  • l.s. dunes [27.01.2023 - garage, glasgow]
  • mother mother [17.11.2022 - garage, glasgow]
  • the mountain goats [16.11.2022 - roundhouse, london]
  • 100 gecs [05.09.2022 - SWG3, glasgow]
  • ezra furman [23.08.2022 - leith theatre, edinburgh]
  • hella mega tour [29.06.2022 - bellahouston park, glasgow]
  • my chemical romance [30.05.2022 - ovo hydro, glasgow]
  • mitski [23.04.2022 - barrowlands, glasgow]
  • franz ferdinand [31.01.2022 - pj molloys, dunfermline]
  • damon albarn [06.12.2021 - st. lukes, glasgow]
  • soley [21.11.2021 - cca, glasgow]
  • cassia [28.10.2021 - la belle angele, edinburgh]
  • idkhow [26.08.2021 - SWG3, glasgow]


my name is red. i'm a nineteen year old nonbinary lesbian, and i live in scotland. i'm an artist and i just recently finished (dropped out of) my graphic design hnd.

i am really really really into music! my favourite band in the whole wide world is fall out boy and i will talk about them for hours if you let me. i'm generally interested in decaydance and other bands associated with them as well (please talk to me about cobra starship). i also play bass guitar in a couple bands, and i collect cds and records which i will surely talk about on here at some point.

most of my hobbies stem from my interest in the 2000s emo scene and this website is no exception lmao. i want to go back to the days of trading mp3s and the t-mobile sidekick. i learned how to code so i can make a sick ass myspace page

enjoy your stay!